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nogle ekstra litteratur til i morgen (hvis I har lyst til at læse mere):
-BARTHES, R. 1967. The Elements of Semiology. London: Cape.
-BARTHES, R. 1972. Mythologies. London: Cape. There is an online version of “Myth Today”, where he introduces his main ideas in:
-FOUCAULT, M. 1972. The Archaeology of Knowledge. London, Tavistock.
-HALL, S. (ed). 1997. Representation. Cultural Representation and Signifying Practices. London: Sage.
-SAUSSURE, F. 1960. Course in General Linguistics. London: Peter Owen.
-STEFIK, Mark. 1996. Internet Dreams. Archetypes, Myths and Metaphors. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press.

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